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Welcome to the TPUG store! Whatever your Commodore computing needs are, you will find it in the TPUG store. We carry a wide variety of Commodore related items from complete Commodore systems to the software and accessories to keep them going! We recently completed an inventory of our storage locker which has now enabled us to bring these items to you!

All of our prices are in Canadian funds. We ship out of our locker every two weeks, and we check and test our items before we ship them. This is only a partial list of our total inventory. We will be adding new and rare items to this list shortly, so keep checking back!

The TPUG store is divided into the following categories:

SYSTEMS: From complete systems to stand-alone units, we have it here! Start with a stock Commodore 64 and build from there, or try the versatile Amiga, or go retro with the 22-column VIC-20!

DRIVES: Our available disk drives consist of the beige (1541C) or classic brown, with the classic pull-down-to-lock type mechanism (ALPS), or the swing-down-to-lock mechanism (Newtronics), and 1541-II drives. All of our drives are tested and aligned before we ship them.

MONITORS: We have several types of monitors available. All of our monitors are tested before shipping.

ACCESSORIES: Need a joystick, cables or blank floppies? We have them here! Inquire if you're looking for a particular joystick (we have all kinds). We also carry SKC brand 5.25" floppies packaged with write-protect tabs.

MAGAZINES: We have classic TPUG magazine, Compute, Computes Gazette, RUN, Ahoy!, Transactor, Commodore Magazine/Power Play, Family Computing, and others. Currently we have no listing of these magazines, but contact us if you're looking for a particular issue.

MISC: Miscellaneous stuff for sale, such as unused picture tubes for Commodore monitors in case you need to replace a broken or burnt out picture tube. Going for a great price!

BOOKS: Various books for the C64/C128 and Amiga, PET, PC and others.

MANUALS: Various manuals for the C64/C128 and Amiga, PET, PC and others.

SOFTWARE: For the C64/C128 and Amiga, PET, PC and others. The condition of our software varies from disk-only to complete in box, so feel free to inquire. TPUG has a strict 'no pirated copies' policy, so you can be assured all our software is original.


  1. Send an e-mail stating your full mailing address to tpug-store at tpug dot ca listing the items you wish to purchase.
  2. We will send you a reply with the total amount in Canadian dollars for the items plus the shipping amount.
  3. You can send the payment directly via PAYPAL to , or send a money order (the pink ones cashable at Canadian banks), or a personal cheque, to TPUG via regular mail (TPUG’s address is located in the CONTACT section of the website).

    For PAYPAL: Please add a fee of 3.65% to total (this is PAYPAL's service fee rate).

    Ontario residents please add 8% PST.  

  4. We will ship the items to you and send you an e-mail once the item is shipped.

That's all there is to it, Happy Shopping!

Click here for the list of items currently for sale

(List is in PDF format, download a free viewer here or here.)

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